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  • Zillow 5 Star Review  We had a wonderful experience working with Bonnie and Susie when it came time to sell our first home. After interviewing several agents, we decided to work with Bonnie and Susie because they saw the beauty and potential in our home, were so kind and patient with us first-timers, and had an amazing record in our neighborhood. We really wanted to work with people who had a customizable approach to selling a home. What would work for our house may not work for the house next door. Additionally, we chose to work with Bonnie and Susie because we really wanted to work with a small team. We liked that they had each other to really think through the sale of our house, which made us feel comfortable with their suggestions and feedback knowing that everything they were sharing with us was well-discussed beforehand. When it came time to list our home, things ran incredibly smoothly. We loved the team of vendors they used to help prep the house. The listing pictures were beautiful and they worked hard on the day of the open house to make our opening feel unique, special, and a must-see. We really appreciated that they consistently went above and beyond on everything. We can’t say thank you enough for all of their hard work.

    May 19, 2022

    Zillow 5 Star Review  As first-time homebuyers, we were happy that Bonnie and Susie explained the process clearly and provided good context about the various neighborhoods in SOMA. They always made time to answer questions and provided insights on properties that we requested to see. In the end we were able to quickly close on our first home and move in a timely manner.

    May 16, 2022

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We were introduced to Bonnie by way of a personal recommendation. On our first meeting (on zoom) we met Susie and my husband and I were both very impressed by their presentation and knowledge. As we went through the house-searching process and subsequently the buying process, they proved to be all that they had promised to be to us. They responded promptly to our queries and were always available to us. We are very happy with our purchase and we know that their negotiating skills helped us to procure the house that we fell in love with. I would highly recommend this professional team.

    clare richels
    May 9, 2022
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  We cannot speak highly enough of our experience with Bonnie & Susie! We were first-time home buyers with little knowledge of the buying process and Essex County area. Couple this with an extremely hot market in Q1 of 2022 and you could find us with our heads spinning! We were referred to Susie & Bonnie through a friend. It was such an easy decision to work with the pair following our introduction call - they were knowledgeable, patient and brought just the right amount of realism to the conversation. Our budget was too low for what we wanted, and we needed a dose of reality! By some stroke of luck, we found our home on day 1 of touring. Both Bonnie & Susie coached us through our offer to make it as competitive as possible, and we were shocked to hear we beat out 13 others! It was smooth sailing from there - from inspection to appraisal to closing and everything in between. Susie & Bonnie were there every step of the way for any questions or advice needed. The best aspects of working with the duo were availability, patience and expertise. I truly believe we would still be looking for a home had we chosen to work with another realty team. Don't miss out!

    April 10, 2022

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We were referred to Susie & Bonnie by friends from Maplewood. Given the dearth of supply on the train line we looked further afield, to West Orange and ultimately Livingston, where we bought. They had good guidance about what to look for and what to avoid regarding neighborhoods that were less familiar. They helped us to get under contract and close quickly. We found Susie & Bonnie to be very organized and good managers of us. Everything went to plan and the whole experience was surprisingly smooth. Highly recommended, would use again.

    February 28, 2022

    Zillow 5 Star Review  The dynamic duo! We connected with Bonnie and Susie after being referred to them by a number of our friends. We were in a situation of buying and selling simultaneously -a tricky situation in and of it self - but add in the fact that we were doing it during the holidays, on a short timeline, with two small children! Thanks to Bonnie and Susie, what normally would have been a very stressful and uneasy experience, turned out to be seamless and uncomplicated. They are dependable, knowledgeable, honest, and all around genuinely great people on both a personal and professional level. You are in the best of hands in your real estate transactions with these two in your corner.

    February 1, 2022
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  We met Susie and Bonnie at an open house, and really liked their vibe. They were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and good communicators, and we decided to trust them with our first-ever home purchase. We’re so happy we did! They were always available for questions, were never pushy, and they helped us write a strong offer that landed us the first house we put an offer on. They then helped us prepare for closing, which went smoothly thanks to their organization and advocacy. We were also very impressed by their fantastic network. From lenders to lawyers to contractors, they have recommended excellent people and have taken a lot of stress away during the entire home-buying and moving process. We’d recommend the Adamson Ramsey team to anyone looking to purchase a home in SOMA, especially first-time home buyers!

    January 31, 2022

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We had high expectations for Susie and Bonnie because multiple friends raved about how great they are. They did not disappoint. Their clear local expertise in the South Orange/Maplewood area came in handy every step of the way through the home buying process, and it was always clear that they were dedicated to making sure that we were going to be happy with the result. They never pressured us on any decision, and instead made sure that we had all of the information necessary to make the right choices for us. As first time home buyers, my partner and I expected the process to be painful and stressful, but it went shockingly smoothly, and we owe that in large part to Susie and Bonnie.

    kondo alex
    January 14, 2022

    Zillow 5 Star Review  Working with Susie and Bonnie of Adamson Ramsey Homes was quite a journey for us. We were referred to Susie by a friend who raved about her. As soon as we started working with her, we appreciated her honest approach to showing us the realties of buying a home in the SOMA area. We started our search several years ago and had to put things on pause due to personal reasons. Susie, who we began working with initially, kept in touch with us and even checked in on us. When we began our search again in 2021, a crazy time in real estate, we were pleased to learn Bonnie, who has such positive and encouraging energy, had joined Susie in their joint venture. We got the sense that they were taking care of us and had our best interest at the heart. They make a great team overall. They have great insight and influence in the community which is extremely helpful when searching for a home.

    December 22, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Bonnie and Susie went above and beyond to make our buying and selling process as seamless as possible. They bring professionalism, resourcefulness, compassion, endless energy and good humor to the process and up until the last minute of our sale were connecting us to or directly handling contractors and maintenance issues. They are always, always available via text or call for their clients, are very well connected in town, delivered on their promise to over-serve and truly try to make their clients feel like family, introducing them to other fellow clients and community members. We are so grateful to have had them by our side throughout this journey and would recommend them to anyone looking to start their buying or selling journey.

    December 16, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  Susie and Bonnie are simply the BEST! As first-time home buyers, we were concerned about navigating through a complex and highly competitive housing market, but they patiently walked us through each step of the process and helped us find our dream home without sacrificing any of our “must-haves” (it was the first offer we placed!). They’ve mastered the art of being fierce advocates who fight for what their clients need while never losing their cool. This was particularly useful when they guided us through frustrating inspection negotiations. SOMA residents themselves, this duo is on the pulse of what’s happening in the community and all of its surrounding neighborhoods. Based on memory alone, they can recall the purchase history of a given house and are always honest about each home’s value and renovation quality. They have a wealth of knowledge and a list of recommendations ranging from trusted contractors to the best local brunch spots. When you hire this “Dream Team,” you get so much more than top-notch, savvy, reliable brokers. After our town was hit by a tropical storm, Susie and Bonnie immediately checked in and offered helping hands. They are deeply invested in the community, always looking for ways to give back and even hosting social events to bring neighbors together. Susie and Bonnie are genuinely great people who you can trust will always have your best interest in mind. There’s no question who I’ll hire for all future real estate transitions.

    December 3, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  The process of looking for and buying a home can be frustrating and exhausting physically and emotionally. Buying from a distance as we did makes it even more so. Susie Adamson and Bonnie Ramsey took most of the weight off of us and made each step of the process simple. Their expertise and experience made the purchase of our new house seamless from first steps to closing. I would add that Susie and Bonnie along with their Operations Manager, Shirley worked as a team to respond to every concern quickly. They schedule the required inspections, met with inspectors when we could not be there, acted as our negotiator with the Seller's agents and worked around the clock when a time crunch came up. I will use this team if I need to sell or buy another home in this area in the future and would recommend them wholeheartedly to others.

    November 9, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  We never knew what a good agent was until we started working with Susie and Bonnie. We owe our amazing house to them. The countless virtual and in-person tours of houses were just the beginning of their tireless work with and for us. They were always available for a quick text, email, or even jumping on the phone to discuss whatever would come up at any time. From strategizing our bid to recommending the best inspectors and communicating with our attorneys to move things along, they were in our corners the whole process. Not only that, but Susie and Bonnie are so embedded in the community that they sent us so many recommendations for things like home repair and contractors, movers, attorneys and lenders, helped us with utilities. And they introduced us to neighbors and community-members who are their clients. We are so happy we chose to work with Susie and Bonnie and would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for a house in the SOMA area.

    October 23, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We found Bonnie and Suzy through a mutual friend and they could not have been more competent, more committed, and more welcoming. They are extraordinarily knowledgeable, responsive, and thoughtful. We recommend them wholeheartedly and are so glad to be their neighbors.

    September 27, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We hired Susie and Bonnie to sell our home after neighbors recommended the pair. They made the process seamless! They pay attention to every detail. The final outcome was better than expected. Top of the curve when it comes to real estate professionals!

    September 21, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Hi, all! After many years in the city, including 12 beautiful years in Brooklyn, my family recently moved to Maplewood, NJ, which we are loving. It’s such a welcoming, warm, and active community. Our search for a home was long, fraught, and stressful. However, our amazing realtors Susie Adamson & Bonnie Ramsey skillfully and thoughtfully guided us through a very difficult real estate landscape. I truly never write reviews, but I know a lot of Brooklynites are considering Maplewood/South Orange as their next community, and wanted to share that Bonnie and Susie a true gems. I often joked with them that they are not only skilled realtors, but also amazing therapists! ??

    margaret pickron
    September 8, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We are so thrilled that Bonnie and Susie were recommended to us. It changed the entire trajectory of our home buying experience from a painstaking process to one where we could solely focus on our wants and needs. They are professional, responsive, show extensive knowledge of their area, and have excellent relationships with every other member of the process we came across (i.e. other realtors, mortgage, etc.). We absolutely cannot recommend this team enough and attribute all of our success in finding/purchasing our dream home to them. Every step of the way, they were there to help, advocate, and answer all questions for us expediently. Thank you Bonnie and Susie!

    Josh Leibsly
    September 3, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  Our home was sold at nearly the exact price Susie and Bonnie offered in our initial meeting, which was higher than any other realtor we spoke with. Their knowledge and connections in the community were immensely helpful throughout the process and they were ready at a moments notice to list, once we found our future home. They provided step-by-step assistance and didn't miss a beat. The whole process was seamless and quick. I would recommend them to any local seller or buyer!

    August 25, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Susie and Bonnie are that dynamic duo you want to partner with when you buy a home. I met them at an open house they were running, and I connected with their professional energy right away. They are confident, savvy, and very organized. They'll show you any home, but will take the time to get to know you and your real estate parameters to make your search process very efficient. They also have a web of invaluable connections who respond immediately after a quick text or phone call, which proved to be invaluable during home inspection.

    Dan Niland
    August 25, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  From the beginning we felt your sincerity to help us sell the house. We appreciate your professional advice every step of the way. Your ideas were communicated very clearly, and you also listened to what we wanted during the whole process. The house was renovated and staged beautifully with a professional team that you provided. We didn't need to go through extra headache to find the amazing team, and the prices were very reasonable! You truly exceeded our expectations, and the house was sold in a week! Thank you so much again. If we were to sell a house again, we would definitely ask your help!

    yh angela
    August 18, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  From our first intro call to our closing Susie and Bonnie were fantastic to work with! We moved from out of state and their knowledge of the market and the area was incredible and helped us feel comfortable with the entire process. They were spot on when estimating sale prices for the houses we saw...

    Daniel Getler
    August 4, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Susie and Bonnie are an incredible team who are wonderful to have in your corner when navigating a complicated real-estate market. We chose to work with them for their personal, detail-orientated approach and we are so thankful that we did! As first time buyers they guided us thoughtfully through...

    July 23, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  Working with Susie and Bonnie of Adamson Ramsey was such an amazing experience! As first time homeowners, my husband and I were completely new to the process and we couldn’t have found a more perfect match. As both are residents in SOMA area, they were extremely knowledgeable not just on the real...

    July 21, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  Bonnie and Susie were great! They were professional, organized, and always put our best interest first. They've gone the extra mile-after closing, they recommended great contractors in the area for us to work with. They don't forget about you!

    Mac Smith
    July 19, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  Susie and Bonnie are an outstanding team that really stand out in the real estate industry. Susie and Bonnie came recommended to us from our good friends who used them to sell 2 of their homes and had been extremely thrilled with their service. Susie and Bonnie did not disappoint. They make...

    Sammy Peterson
    July 15, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We used Susie & Bonnie 3 years ago for our home purchase and when we decided to sell, we could not fathom working with anyone else. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional but most importantly, they're normal humans. No gimmicks, not pushy at all. Just wonderful people and excellent agents....

    pamela matta
    July 7, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  First off I want to say... I love loveee Susie and Bonnie. They have been nothing but AMAZING!!! Words cannot describe how grateful and thankful I am to work with them. I honestly cant imagine searching for our home with anyone else. Whatever questions, whatever inquiry, whatever confusion I...

    June 15, 2021
  • Zillow 5 Star Review  After doing a bunch of local research and speaking with friends in the area, we got introduced to Bonnie and Susie and boy are we lucky we did. We were in the market for a new home in the SOMA area and after an initial call, it was clear they were experts in the area and knew a lot more than us...

    June 13, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We worked with Susie and Bonnie on our first home purchase. They were incredibly knowledgeable about how to best position ourselves in a very competitive buying market. They were very communicative and answered every question we had from questions about the buying process to which contractors and...

    Connor Abernathy
    May 21, 2021

    Zillow 5 Star Review  We called Susie and Bonnie when we were just thinking about selling our house. The help and the level of attention they gave us -- even when we were just considering our options -- is why we chose to work with them. It was the right choice. Susie and Bonnie (actually, their entire team) made...

    April 29, 2021