REal Talk May 16 2021 – This week in the market

It's a beautiful Friday! Tune in for a market update... even if you really don't think you are interested in moving... Video Transcript Bonnie (00:05): Hi! Susie (00:06): Hi. Bonnie (00:07): Good morning, Happy Friday. Susie (00:09): Happy Friday. So what are we talking about today, Bonnie? Bonnie (00:12): You know what we need to [...]

REal Talk May 9 2021 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all of the Moms out there! Watch our REal Talk this week for our Mother's Day gift to you! Video Transcript Susie (00:04): Oh, Bonnie. Bonnie (00:05): Oh, Susie. Susie (00:06): Hi. Bonnie (00:07): Hi, happy weekend. Susie (00:10): Happy weekend. Happy mother's day tomorrow. Bonnie (00:12): Yes. Happy mother's day [...]

REal Talk April 23 2021 – We’ve Moved!

We’ve moved! Also, remember to vote in the final round of the Startup Showdown!!! Video Transcript Susie (00:01): Oh, hi Bonnie. I love that people have told us that they can tell that we have fun on these calls… Bonnie (00:10): We do! Susie (00:10): Because we’re grateful for all of our Watchers. And for […]